Manajemen Pengarsipan Dokumen untuk Mendukung Kesuksesan Proses Akreditasi

  • M Muhajirin STEI Hamfara
  • W Wijiharta STEI Hamfara
Keywords: manajemen pengarsipan, pengarsipan dokumen, dokumen penunjang, dokumen bukti, dokumen akreditasi


This research aims to examine the important role of document filing management to support successful accreditation. This literature study examined 42 articles selected from 112 articles from the series using the Publish or Perish 7 application and Google Scholar. The conclusion of this simple study is that high educationand study programs need to prepare for accreditation assessments properly, because high accreditation scores will increase public trust. The passing of accreditation will also prevent institutions from problems with the legality of providing education. Accreditation readiness requires the support of documents that are well managed and easy to present. Document archiving management plays an important role in successful accreditation. The first critical point is in the provision of materials for the preparation of accreditation forms that will determine the passing of the desk assessment. Critical the second point is in the presentation of evidence of documents for the implementation of quality education at the time of field assessment. Document archiving management needs to be managed following a certain system to make it easier to present. The recommended document archiving system uses the subject system (the main content of the document) by adjusting to 9 accreditation criteria (Hasyim & Wijaya, 2019; Kusuma & Aryati, 2019; Susilo & Jaya, 2019). Technical archiving can combine manual and digital archiving of documents (Rosadi & Wathani, 2019).