Kolaborasi Dosen dan Mahasiswa dalam Sosialisasi Ekonomi Islam di Pondok Pesantren Al Hadid Karangmojo Gunungkidul

  • Wijiharta Wijiharta
Keywords: kolaborasi dosen mahasiswa, sosialisasi ekonomi Islam, pengelolaan sumberdaya air, komersialisasi - privatisasi


The Islamic Economic Socialization activity organized by students of the a-MELT Team at the Al Hadid Karangmojo Islamic Boarding School in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta went smoothly. Socialization by involving the role of the local kalurahan government and leaders of local islamic boarding schools makes the participants of the students of the islamic boarding schools participate in a whole series of socialization activities in an orderly manner. Socialization with resource persons for collaboration between lecturers and students is a vehicle for students participating in a-MELT to improve research skills to explore problems, hone soft skills in collaboration between organizations, improve soft skills in public speaking in front of community leaders. Presentations from students also received appreciation from community leaders and audiences. Islamic Economic Socialization with the theme of Water Resources Management is relevant to local problems, because the Gunung Kidul Regency area is still often hit by a clean water crisis. Remarks and responses from the kalurahan government and islamic boarding schools added insight into the facts of the problems in the local location. In general, the activity went well and received a good response from asatidz pondok pesantren. Asatidz also played an active role in facilitating the coordination of field visits to kalurahan and pamsimas. This activity was followed up by field visits to the location of the water pump in Pamsimas Sumberejo Karangmojo and to the location of the water-prone hamlet that has not been covered by clean waterways. TheĀ future studies on patterns of water resource management by communities so as not to lead to patterns of commercialization and privatization.