Muhibah Seminar Kolaboratif dan Sharing tentang Pengelolaan Sumberdaya Air dalam Sistem Ekonomi Islam

  • Maulida Maulida
Keywords: muhibah, seminars, collaboration, Islamic economic, water resources


Socialization or seminars on Islamic economics have been carried out by many parties, but discussions of Islamic economics related to water resources management are still rarely carried out. The seminar and Sharing on Water Resources Management in the Islamic Economic System aims to understand to the audience that Islamic economics also discusses water resources management. This socialization activity uses a seminar method with practitioner and academic speakers as well as sharing sessions by students. Maintenance by the A-MELT STEI Hamfara Team collaboratively abroad with clean water treatment agency partners Ranhill Syarikat Air Johor in Mersing and Politeknik Mersing Johor Malaysia. Goodwill seminars and sharing were carried out according to the initial plan. This activity can be a contribution in the socialization of Islamic economics, especially about the concept of water resources and their management in an Islamic perspective. This activity is a vehicle for collaboration between several elements, both lecturers and students, or collaboration between institutions. This activity also strengthens STEI Hamfara's good institutional cooperation with partners abroad. Strengthening institutions in the future provides opportunities to strengthen institutional competitiveness.