Training Soft skill Masa Awal Kuliah untuk Mengeksplorasi Potensi dan Perencanaan Road Map Karir

  • Agus Yohana
  • Dafiq Fauzul Mukmin STEI Hamfara
  • Wijiharta Wijiharta STEI Hamfara
Keywords: human capital management, soft skills training, ta'aruf week, achievement motivation training


This study aims to determine the assessment responses of training participants using quantitative methods with questionnaire instrument tools. The object of research is students participating in Ta'aruf Week and AMT at the Hamfara Islamic Economic College Yogyakarta. The results of the analysis showed that the AMT (Achievement Motivation Training) training program which was held in conjunction with Ta'aruf Week for STEI Hamfara Yogyakarta students received a very high average assessment score of 4.63 or 92.65%. AMT training is able to instill a strong mindset and is able to instill soft skills, especially communication, critical thinking, and responsibility. Next are soft skills of self-motivation, integrity/commitment, interpersonal, persistence, problem solving and self-management, as well as soft skills of self-confidence. As for the cultivation of soft skills, confidence in the future needs more attention so that the score level can increase on par with other soft skill elements. In general, the activities of Ta'aruf Week and AMT are considered useful so they need to be continued as a vehicle for planting soft skills as well as providing orientation for adjusting behavior to undergo education in higher education