Penguasaan Skill Entrepreneurship dan Upaya Penguatannya

Entrepreneurial Skills: Their Acquisition and Development

  • H Sasono
  • W. Wijiharta STEI Hamfara
Keywords: entrepreneurship skills, dimensions of entrepreneurship skills, entrepreneurial character, entrepreneurship development


This study aims to examine the importance of mastering entrepreneurship skills and strengthening efforts. This research uses a qualitative approach with a literature review method. Compiling journal article data using the Publish & Perish 7 application and google scholar using keywords related to the theme of entrepreneurship skills. The prosecution produced 111 journal articles. Data analysis steps include data presentation, reduction and verification / inference. The results of the selection left 39 articles for review. The results of the study concluded that the development of entrepreneurship includes increasing entrepreneurship knowledge, entrepreneurship skills and entrepreneur character. Entrepreneurship skills are important for the millennial young generation to master to encourage independence and productivity. Entrepreneurship skills include the dimensions of business planning, business operationalization and marketing. Efforts to improve entrepreneurship skills require the provision of entrepreneurship skill training centers, trainers and counselors as well as adequate facility support. The success of entrepreneurship development also requires facilities or access to funding, entrepreneurial character building and the creation of a conducive business environment