A Glimpse into The History of Islamic State International Trade

(Sekilas Sejarah Perdagangan Internasional Negara Islam)

  • krishna jaya negara
Keywords: trading, international, history, Islamic economic


The purpose of this paper is to further explore the history of international trade in Islamic countries, how in this case there was a heyday and also a period of collapse of trade in international routes. This paper uses data collection techniques used in the form of secondary data obtained through literature studies, articles, and journals. The results of the writing show that, there were ups and downs of several Islamic dynasties in international trade. History records that international trade practices have been carried out since the time of the Prophet before the birth, namely the pre-Islamic Arab civilization era. During his leadership, the Prophet S.A.W. has explored and empowered the talents, interests and energy of young people to serve the community, so as to produce outputs in the form of real and positive benefits for life globally. Until the collapse of the international trade sector during the Umayyad dynasty. Thus, this paper can be used as a reading in knowing a glimpse of the history of international trade in the Islamic State.