Analisis Hukum Islam Terhadap Akad Jual Beli Rumah Dengan Janji Jual Beli (Wa’ad Ghairu Mulzim) Pada Perusahaan Properti Syariah

  • Fitria Zakiyatul Fauziyah CH STEI Hamfara Yogyakarta


In today’s era the real estate trading business has grown rapidly. The purchase of property in particular could be both cash and mortage. From the muslim point of view, the business of the sale of property is conducted byy the akad sale of a particular agreement or the commonly called wa’ad ghairu mulzim. It’s a type of qualitative work. This study of the concept of the wa’ad ghairu mulzimis an unbinding promise put in writing and endorsed by the constitution. The sharia-based agreement has the distinction of being transparent, of being amenable to both the developer and the consumer, and of using principles for results or avoiding usury. The application of the wa’ad ghairu mulzim principle of housing at the Isykariman, West Java development company runs well and correspondens to Islam. On the application of that unbound promise applies the principle of justice of equality and equality, the written principle, and the certainly of the law.