Factors Affecting Volume Sales: Product Design, Distribution Channel And Digital Marketing (Literature Review Management Business Strategy)

  • Qomariyah Qomariyah STEI Hamfara



The presence of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia has had a fairly large impact, especially in the problem of sales volume of large businesses and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The level of decline and stagnation in product distribution has an impact on the economic level of the people in Indonesia. The purpose of writing this literature review is to find out and examine some of the possible factors to encourage a business to grow its sales volume level. So the results of the study indicate that the factors of promotional design (product design), distribution channels (distribution channel) and digital marketing (digital marketing) have a positive and significant role in alternative solutions to increase sales volume of business products.

Keywords : Sales Volume, Design Product, Distribution Channel dan Digital Marketing.