Strategic Management Environmental Scanning Approach in Mapping Water Resources Management Problems

Pendekatan Environmental Scanning Manajemen Strategi dalam Pemetaan Permasalahan Pengelolaan Sumberdaya Air

  • Titok Priastomo STEI Hamfara
  • Wijiharta Wijiharta STEI Hamfara
Keywords: strategic management, environmental scanning, problem mapping, water resource management


This study aims to map the problems of water resources management. This research uses qualitative methods, literature review. The problem of water resources management is influenced by various factors. Based on the theory of environmental scanning, water problems can be mapped including the effects of the natural environment (climate change, environmental damage, topography), the effects of the social environment (population growth, regional development, privatization and commercialization), the influence of the task environment (land use conversion, changes in the behavior of farmers who use water autonomy, bureaucratic entrepreneurship, supply and demand imbalance, and lack of socialization of regulations), and internal environmental influences (limited resources for dams and irrigation canal facilities, limited water sources, low water discharge and clean water distribution pipes). The recommendations put forward by the researchers are good planning, prohibition of privatization-commercialization, technical solutions (rainwater harvesting, pumps, desalination), funding, involvement of informal figures, adopting community values and philosophy and increasing the sense of kinship and community togetherness. This simple study also discusses the cross-domain impacts of commercialization and privatization as well as the cross-sectoral role of technology, with recommendations for the adoption of Islamic economics and technological innovation. Further studies are needed to pay more attention to the interplay between factors, to identify the main causes and analyze water problems and provide fundamental and comprehensive solutions.