Research Review on Alumni and Almamater Colleges

  • Ani Rohaeni Alumnus JEI STAINs - SEMi; staf Kemahasiswaan STEI Hamfara Yogyakarta
  • Wijiharta STEI Hamfara
Keywords: alumni perguruan tinggi, tracer study, customer relation management (CRM), Study literatur


This study aims to determine trends in research - research on alumni and alma mater colleges. This study uses a qualitative approach following the literature study procedure. The research phase through literary sequencing resulted in 77 articles which were further reduced based on the category and reference to customer relations management (CRM) theory. The results showed that research related to higher education alumni was dominated by alumni information system planning themes and alumni tracer studies (64.6%). In general, attention and research related to customer relations management (CRM), alumni associations and alumni feed back still need to be boosted.