Implications of Ila Culture (Shame culture) In Sumbawa Besar, Analysis of Implicit Attitude Control

  • Dina Juni Marianti STEI Hamfara
Keywords: Ila Culture, local wisdom


Researchers examined whether the influence of the relationship between the culture of Ila (shy culture) and the behavior of human resources in Sumbawa Besar and its relation to how the concept of management of the cultural implications of this analysis of implicit attitude control. Researchers found that there is a relationship between humans and local wisdom that influence each other, especially in terms of moral values ​​and behavior based on the results of the research methodology of 40 samples from a total population of about 439,914 people. This study uses a purposive sampling technique to determine the number of respondents while the analysis technique uses an ethnographic model in this qualitative descriptive study. Researchers found that there are things that can influence in (positive) aspects, namely Ila culture. Overall this culture is important to be implemented especially in Sumbawa Besar because it contributes in terms of morals and (positive) behavior. For this reason, this paper presents human resource management. Researchers found that there was a decline in the values ​​of Ila culture that occurred due to the times.