Mapping Food Security Issues: Environmental Scanning Strategic Management Approach

  • T Priastomo STEI Hamfara
  • W Wijiharta STEI Hamfara
Keywords: strategic management, environmental scanning, food security, land use competition, special interest group, global force


Food security is a principle to ensure the fulfillment of basic needs for the survival of each individual people, which means it is related to maqashid sharia - hizfu an nafs. This literature review aims to determine the map of food security problems based on strategic management theory: environmental scanning. A study of 82 selected articles from 126 articles that were successfully traced, it can be concluded that there are 6 problems of food security. Mapping based on environmental scanning places 3 problems in the industrial environment, namely 2 interest group issues (the role of entrepreneurs in providing imported-based food; the role of mega projects that result in the loss of customary land) and 1 competition issue (transfer of agricultural land and infrastructure). Meanwhile, 3 other problems are mapped to the macro environment, namely 2 social environmental issues, namely global forces (WTO international trade regulations, intervention by international institutions IMF and Worldbank) and socio-cultural (population increase) as well as 1 macro-physical environmental problem, namely climate. (water availability is constrained prone to drought/flood disasters). The problem of land use change is the problem that is most highlighted by researchers. The researchers recommend strengthening regulations and firm implementation. Suggestions for further research is a systematic concept to address special interest group problems and global power issues.